Rapé-Application_Pic01What is a Tobacco Ceremony?

This is a sacred personal journey, overseen by an experienced Medicine Person, where legal organic tobacco is prepared in a ceremonial way and then used as a healing snuff. This is known is Brazil, Peru and other countries as Rapé, which is pronounced ‘ha-peh’ in English.

The Process

The snuff is applied by using a pipe, which the Medicine Person will blow up each nostril – your left side first, then your right side – you MUST DO BOTH SIDES! Doing just one side would exacerbate any existing imbalances.

This process may then be followed by drumming, rattling, singing, sacred smoke and other support determined by the Medicine Person. This will aid you in clearing energies, moving you through different experiences and empowering your being.


The Effects

Generally, tobacco snuff can have the following physical effects – profoundly helps to re-align and open all your chakras (energy centres), improves your grounding, releases any sickness on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, opens-up the third eye to more visual clarity, de-calcifies the pineal gland, clears any mental confusion, releases any negative thoughts, removes any entities, connects you to your sacred breath and elevates your connection with Spirit. There may also be additional insights, wisdoms or connections that are related to the ceremony.

1 on 1/Group Ceremonies

At Home:                                                                                                                                                                                            Peter is available to offer private 1 on1 private session for around 1 – 1.5 hours at home South Golden Beach.   Cost of Individual Session $200.00                                                                                                                                                                             Group of up to 12 people from his home; allow approximately 3-4 hours for this many people              Cost Per Person $70.00

 Traveling Away:                                                                                                                                                                                            As a 1 on 1 experience for around 1 – 1.5 hours  Cost $220.00                                                                                  Group up to 12 people; allow approximately 3-4 hours for this many people                                                        Cost Per Person $100.00

If you are interested in booking a Tobacco Ceremony with Peter please feel free to contact him.


Please note that you may experience:

  • Intense physical sensations (especially in sinus & head) as your energetic channels open you may feel your eyes water, some burning sensation and your body vibrating.
  • Intense emotions
  • Purging/Vomiting
  • Feeling sick or nauseous
  • Bowel movements
  • Crying
  • Excess saliva

This is ALL normal – stuck energy, toxins and sickness are being released from your energetic and physical bodies. You may need a bucket, toilet tissue and drinking water close at hand. You may even experience none of these effects.

As this is snuff we also ask that you do not swallow the powder but instead you spit it into the bucket/tissue that is provided otherwise this can lead to nausea/vomiting.

Not Recommended For…

If you are physically unwell, have ongoing chronic issues or have a history of psychological issues – this medicine will likely still support you. Yet we would ask you to please do not join a group session as you would be better served working with a Medicine Person individually as you will have more personal attention.

Final Notes

Please note this is not a process for a recreational purpose and you may not experience anything like a ‘high’ or sensations that are intense at all. For some, the medicine they need comes in a different form than they expect, so there are no guarantees or expectations placed upon the experience.

Set your intention clearly for what you would like to let go of, or allow more in. Please ask for assistance from the Medicine Person or assistants during or after the process should you feel the need for more support.

Please be mindful that you do not eat anything 2 hours prior to this ceremony, you may drink clear fluids.

With this ceremony you take responsibility for yourself and for your experience – and assume all risk from participating in this ceremony. Specifically, Peter Bowden and the assistants of Shamanic Earth Medicine assumes no liability for your experience. You are responsible for your own well being within and outside of this ceremony. If you have any medical, physical or emotional concerns or take any medication it is your responsibility to advise Peter Bowden.

Please download and sign this Tobacco Ceremony Form before your ceremony to confirm your understanding of the information on this page.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What do most rapés contain?
The basic ingredients of most rapés are jungle tobacco and sacred tree ashes, then many other plants, seeds, leaves, other medicinal tree ashes, and other sacred ingredients can be added too.

2. Is it normal to experience vomiting, spitting and bowel movements during/after rapé session?
Yes, it’s very common – most rapés have a very deeply cleansing effect on the body, energetic field, emotions, mental stress, confusion and spiritual alignment. So therefore, you may experience deep purging and releasing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Also, it can be a deep release of long held sickness in the body, psyche, emotional field, and ‘soul loss’.
Please allow your physical and energetic bodies to release, re-align and re-configure. You will need a bucket, toilet tissue, drinking water and toilet nearby.
Also, if it’s been a very strong session, then you may need to lie down and rest for 30 minutes to 1 hour after the rapé session to allow time for integration and deep re-alignment.
If you feel dizzy or ungrounded afterwards, then please drink natural fruit juice or herbal tea with honey (ideally mint or camomile-no caffeine), and rest. The natural sugars will help to ground you, and the liquid will re-hydrate you, and slowly bring you back into ‘normal’ reality.

3. Should I keep the rapé in my nostrils or blow it out?
You should try to keep the rapés in your nostrils for as long as comfortably possible, so the medicines can be absorbed through the bloodstream. And, then you can blow your nose with tissue, as many times as it’s necessary for you.

4. Should I spit if I experience lots of phlegm or mucous?
Yes, if you have a lot of phlegm or mucous in the back of your throat, dripping down your throat, or in your mouth, then please spit it out in a bucket immediately, as it’s toxic or negative energy that is being released and expelled. You do not want to swallow it back inside.

5. Is it important to have a specific intention or question when using rapé?
Yes, it can be very useful to hold a specific intention, or asking a specific question during each rapé session. They are very powerful teacher plant spirits. Thus, as you develop a relationship and connection with each one, then they will cleanse, heal, teach and guide you personally.
They are very sacred, precious and rare medicines, which should always be treated with respect, love, gratitude, and used within a sacred ceremonial space.

6. Is it important to be well hydrated, before a rapé session?
Yes, it’s very important that you are very well hydrated before rapé session, as your physical and energetic bodies will normally go through a very deep level of detoxing and releasing negative energies. So, the better hydrated you are, then the deeper you can release physical, emotional and mental toxins.

7. Is it possible to get addicted to rapé?
In our opinion, it’s not possible to get addicted to rapé, if only ever used within a sacred ceremonial space with proper intention, respect and gratitude to these very rare, powerful and sacred medicines.
If you use it casually or recreationally, and lacking any respect or gratitude, then that’s a different matter.
However, we only advocate using rapé within a sacred ceremonial space, and always with proper intention and honour.