“Wisdom, gratitude, equanimity & humour..”

“Since first meeting Peter, I have been privileged to become his sister and to be part of a number of workshops and ceremonies that he has lead, including fire ceremonies, vision quests, drum workshops, shaman walks and days of teachings. He has always offered himself whole heartedly to all involved, with wisdom, gratitude, equanimity and a good dose of humour thrown in when needed! The depth of his knowledge and the reverence with which he upholds these teachings means a day with him can be life changing.
I look forward to many more years walking alongside Peter, learning and growing, connecting more deeply with Creator and All That Is, finding guidance and support from all our relations, and all who walk this path.
With Gratitude    A ‘Ho”
Amala Janice Aldridge

“A day worth spending..”

Peter is one of my closest and dearest friends, we have walked through many crisis together and shared many happy celebrations and good times. I have made two drums with Peter. With both of my drums I have connected to the heart beat of Mother Earth and grown spiritually as a person. A day spent with Peter making a medicine drum, is a day worth spending if one is seeking to grow and heal spiritually.
With Love, Angela Bardon

“An absolute pleasure..”

“It has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of celebration and ceremony which Pete encompasses in the way that he lives his life. From making a drum to lighting a ceremonial fire he has always been a quiet guide to the people around him.
He makes it fun to be a part of the activities for kids or adults. No matter what you do with Pete you will always benefit from his knowledge.
I look forward to being part of many more events with Pete in the future.”

Don Ferguson

“Walks with spiritual integrity”

“I have walked a pathway of spiritual discovery for most of this life’s journey. As a Teacher and Facilitator it was a gift to participate in several Workshops with Peter. He walks with Spiritual Integrity and enriches our journey with the teachings of shamanic wisdom.
Empowering people to discover and deeper their connection with Mother Earth and all our relations through shamanic teachings to a much wiser inner knowing of our own journey.”

Rebekah Joy
Counsellor, Reiki Master /Teacher, Seichim Master Teacher, Bowen Therapist, Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist, Facilitator of Women’s Rites of Passage

“Very dedicated to his teachings”

“I have participated in more than one of Peter Bowden’s workshops. I have made my own medicine drum at one of them.  I find Peter’s workshops very enjoyable, he has a natural ability to make you and all the others attending very comfortable, and I found on each occasion, he had us all working and communicating as a team.

I believe Peter’s special quality is the way he openly shares his knowledge with you, giving you a better understanding of his teachings. Peter is very dedicated to his teachings, this shows in his work. I have no hesitation in recommending Peter’s workshops.  Enjoy!”

“Wild Spirit”, Jill Zimmermann, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

“A man of great reverence”

“I first met Peter around 5 years ago when I was fortunate enough to create a beautiful deer hide drum during one of his ceremonial workshop days.
I found him that day, and find him still, to be a man of great reverence when it comes to the teachings that he imparts, the ceremonies he leads and the commitment he has to his circle of brothers and sisters and to walking the road he has chosen.”

With Gratitude  A’Ho
Amala Janice Aldridge

“Warm, humble and undeniably healing Soul”

“Spirit had guided me to Peter Bowden about a year ago but fate had it that we didn’t actually have a session. When I found myself needing to find the level of guidance and healing that I knew only a wise shaman could undertake then I thought of Peter again.

I, like most people on the healing journey, am able to help others but find it difficult to help myself. Getting perspective in my journey and healing is what Peter has brought to me and with that a whole new level of freedom and growth to evolve in my own life. Peter has facilitated journeys to some of the most traumatic situations in my Soul’s history and in doing so he has effected some of the most profound healing I have received.

I am so thankful to the Universe for meeting Peter and being privileged to receive his guidance and healing. Peter is a warm, humble and undeniably healing Soul. Just talking to him you feel the energy and wonder what just happened. Peter has taught me Spiritual practice to strengthen my Soul and bring about transformation at the Soul level. I am deeply grateful and honoured to have received such deep and powerful healing.

With gratitude and love”

Michael Liew

“Great depth of knowledge and a generous heart”

“Peter is a modern shaman with great depth of knowledge and a generous heart. He’s part of the renaissance of earth-based healing practices and positive evolutionary thinking. As such, he offers a unique spirit-guided approach to healing and mentoring his clients. I value my time with Peter and appreciate his dedication and craft.”

Gemma Summers

“Nurturing, healing, powerful and expanding”

“Journeyed with Peter through many group ceremonies and one on one shamanic experiences in Melbourne. Felt his facilitation to be nurturing, healing, powerful and expanding. He was able to efficiently understand and feel into what medicine my consciousness needed in the present moment and support me in exploring and evolving through whatever i chose too.
Peter set up a safe and empowering space for me to let go of emotional blocks and sabotaging blind spots in my consciousness. He has good knowledge of shamanic practices on planet Earth and is willing to share his insights. I feel grateful to be on the journey with him in healing and raising the collective consciousness of the human family.

 “gentle, loving & nurturing Shaman”

I would recommend his mentoring, healing sessions and group ceremonies to the spiritually curious, to those seeking a gentle, loving & nurturing Shaman, to those whom want to explore & feel the deeper essence of who they are, to those whom feel a sense of Shamanic calling.”

James Travers

“Powerful beyond words”

Last weekend I participated in a group ancestral journey and what I experienced was so precious.

I will say that I have your CD at home and have done several journeys by myself, each with a different experience…but live I was taken to a whole different place.

Early into the journey I felt to ask what my Ancestors wanted to tell me.
Almost immediately I felt myself going deep within myself, much deeper than ever before.
Then my entire body began buzzing like every atom was electrified, the emotion was powerful. I felt as though I was stuck to the floor and at the same time floating. The buzzing continued for a considerable time. My heart was growing warmer and warmer. Love was tangible.
Suddenly I saw myself sitting on a chair in what appeared to be a ceremony circle. One by one my ancesters came to me, nothing was spoken but individually they came looked me in the eye and draped a silver material/scarf on my shoulders.
The gratitude coming from them was so immense. I will never forget.

I have in the past sent thanks and gratitude to them but this was the first time I realized the love and gratitude they have for me for what I am doing at this time. My heart was filled to overflowing with pure love.

Powerful beyond words, I felt myself change on a cellular level.

Then just as Kathryn started singing I stood in the circle before all of my ancestors and danced OUR dance for them with each of their scarfs in my hand.

Thank you Kathryn, perfect timing……..glorious!!

In the week that has transpired I have had much insite into family relationships, understanding which I know is a direct result of this journey.

Thank you from the depth of me for the magnificent work that you both do.

Michelle Snowdon