Shamanic Skype Coaching Program

If you have ever wanted to study shamanic practices with Peter here is an opportunity for you to connect and share with him.

Details of the Course

This coaching will take place over Skype with a class of three people sharing the session at a time.

You are welcome to create your own group of three students or we will place you into a group of three.

The duration of the each level of the course is 6 weeks, one lesson per week plus an assignment with each level. There is a total of  four levels, 24 lessons (listed below).

You can choose to do level 1 and after completion start the next level or come back and continue within twelve months. There will be assignments issued with each level (the assignment will be between 1500 and 2000 words). This will be a competency based course which means the work is not graded.

Price and Conditions

The cost is $600.00 per person for each individual level. Costs must be paid in full for each level prior to each course commencing. The payment will be direct debit to Shamanic Earth Medicine’s account.

Times and dates for the coaching programmes will be set  once the bookings have been made.

To book please email:

If you have any further enquiries regarding this coaching program Peter is happy to discuss with you further.

Course Outline

Level 1 Awakening into Shamanism

6 x 1 Hour Weekly Sessions = 6 hours over 6 weeks

$600 pp ($100pp each session)

  1. Sovereignty and Sacred Law
  2. Teachings of the Medicine Wheel
  3. Journeying with the Medicine Wheel
  4. What is Shamanism and Why do we share it?
  5. Daily Practice
  6. Creating Sacred Space + Alter

Level 2 Journeying Into Shamanism

6x 1 Hour Weekly Hour Sessions = 6 hours over 6 weeks

$600pp ($100pp each session)

  1. Invocation and setting Prayers and Intentions
  2. Sacred Smoke (Smudging Video)
  3. Drum Teachings – Ceremony/Healing/Celebration/Journeying/Drum Beats
  4. Power Animal Circle
  5. Power Animal Journey
  6. Ancestors and Ancestral Journey

Level 3 Shamanic Healing

6x 1 Hour Weekly Hour Sessions = 6 hours over 6 weeks

$600pp ($100pp each session)

  1. Protection/Hollow Bone Teachings, luminous body
  2. Shamanic Healings
  3. Soul Retrieval and Soul Fragmentation
  4. Self-Mastery
  5. Shamanic Journeying
  6. Heart Expansion Journey into the Great Mystery

Level 4 – Deepening your Practice

6x 1 Hour Weekly Hour Sessions = 6 hours over 6 weeks

$600pp ($100pp each session)

  • Medicine Tools – Rattles
  • Medicine Plants
  • 7 Purifying Breaths
  • 4 Direction Dance
  • Scrying and Psychometry
  • Ho’oponopono/Beyond Beyond/Flight of the Crane