Sacred CeremonyPeter offers shamanic healing sessions drawing on a range of techniques, energies and experiences. A shamanic session with Peter may include any of the following techniques, by your request or by recommendation by Peter. If you’re feeling called to a session with Peter, please contact him to discuss your healing needs.

Intuitive energetic bodywork includes:-

  • Hands on healing
  • Intuitive energetic Bodywork (includes massage and shamanic bodywork techniques within and on your body temple)

Intuitive energetic healings includes:-

  • Gentle and subtle energetic healing
  • Energy balancing
  • Shamanic reiki
  • Deeper universal energetic healing

Shamanic drum healings includes:-

  • Drum balancing
  • Drum bath
  • Sound healing
  • Drum journeys traversing the shamanic upper, middle and lower worlds

Crystal healings includes:-

  • Crystal layouts and grids
  • Crystal journeys

Shamanic Healings includes:-

  • Reclaiming of self
  • Soul retrieval
  • Soul fragmentation recovery
  • Past life regression
  • Removal of entities, energetic parasites and curses.

Smudging includes:-

  • Clearing
  • Letting go; and
  • Balancing.

Sacred smoke includes:-

  • Soul retrieval
  • Soul fragmentation recovery
  • Past life regression

using sage, cedar and sweetgrass for heavy clearings.

Sacred pipe ceremony for healing

Shamanic counselling includes:-

  • Holding and sharing sacred space for both divine masculine and feminine – for men, women and couples.

Tobacco Ceremony: –

A introductory traditional plant ceremony based on meeting the spirit of Tobacco – Protector Plant and Medicine ally. For more information please click here

House/Land & Space Clearings

Spiritual mentoring sessions (Also available via Skype)

Sacred ceremonies available on request: Peter has been sharing ceremony for more than 20 years.


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