Wolf EaglePeter leads the shamanic drum journey, in which the power and depth of the medicine drum guides you to new levels of deep understanding, truth and empowerment. This experience offers you a safe space of surrender in which you can let go into deeper states of healing consciousness for yourself and all beings. Share a connection with Mother Earth and earth based medicine teachings as you participate in a shamanic journey that awakens and expands consciousness.

Through shamanic drum journeying Peter has guided others to profound awakenings of openness, experiencing greater depths of awareness and potential in health, wellbeing, relationships and letting go into deeper states of healing consciousness for themselves and all beings.

Peter shares stories, opens discussion and leads the shamanic drum journey, using drum, voice, sound and music to awaken movement, dance and release from the body.

Peter currently offers drum journeys holding three intentions, with further journeys to be available soon:

Shamanic Drum Journey to meet the Spirit of Grandmother Moon (Upper World Journey)

Be guided to delve deep into the mystery and mysticism of the spirit of grandmother moon as you open and share in this shamanic drum journey to meet her spirit, as she unravels her secrets that lie deep with you. Journey with the drum deep into self, deep into the ancient mystery of grandmother as she shines her light and shadow in all that is, in all her glory. Allow yourself to move freely with the ebb and flow deep within the great mystery of time and space.

Shamanic JourneyShamanic Drum Journey to meet your Power Animal /Ally (Lower World Journey)

In the shamanic world, we work with guides and allies during ceremony, celebration, healing and journeying. One of the most integral parts of the shamanic journey is the sharing with your power animal or ally. Animal allies can assist you through healings, soul retrievals and when you start to feel low on energy or ill. You can call on your power animal for strength, guidance and empowerment to help you with your healing practice.

Your power animal can be awakened through intuitive processes, met in a shamanic drum journey and brought to life through dance and movement.

Once you have connected to your power animal you can call on them at any time you wish.

Seven Generation Ancestral Journey (Middle World Journey)

As you stand on the shoulders of your ancestors, your blood-line, every step they have taken has brought you to this time and place right here, right now.

Awaken to the ancestral drum journey as it takes you back to meet your ancestors, acknowledging the love and the fear integral to life in those times, opening to their journey and bringing this healing forward to the present day. The full presence of this healing and compassion is then directed forward to the next seven generations, for your children and their children.

This journey guides you to reconnect with and heal the intergenerational wounds that have held you back, to break free of those chains that have bound you, so you no longer carry those programs and patterns that hold you back, allowing your children’s future generations to be free of those bonds.