Medicine Drum“Drumming connects us to the core of our being, rsonating deep to the bone and our natural rhythms. We connect with the drum by holding it close to our heart and letting our  feelings transfer into the drum. When we breathe, we all beat upon a common drum. The drum acts as a mediator between the drummer and the spirits, between space and time.”

Create your own Medicine Drum and share the Journey into Shamanism.

It’s a full day, ceremonial experience in which you’ll use your inner wisdom to create a sacred instrument for ceremony, celebration, healing and journeying with love, respect and honour.

The making and the use of a Medicine Drum are sacred events, where the intent and “sacred breath” is channelled into the drum. The energy you breathe into the drum is a key element in the process of making it. Peter welcomes everyone to experience the profound journey of creating your own medicine drum, from the very young to our grandmothers and grandfathers, and to become a part of the drum family of Mother Earth’s rhythmical heart beat. This is a deeply personal, awakening process where you may open into greater or higher consciousness and insight. Your Medicine Drum then comes home with you to become a part of your daily life, continuing the deepening of awareness that it sparked off in you during its creation.

When you join the Medicine Drum Making Journey, you have a choice of three types of hide with which to cover your drum:

  • Making your own Medicine DrumDeer Hide: Deer medicine holds the energy of the feminine, the gentleness, the nurturing, the mothering; it is about the star energy, universal energy. Deer helps us to live by the heart, heart energy and openness. Deer teaches us to trust and empower the feminine quality of love and wisdom.
  • Kangaroo Hide: Kangaroo medicine is about the masculine energy, it is the warrior energy. It is the grounding connection to our Earth Mother. A kangaroo can’t go backwards as it is always moving in a forward direction.
  • Goat Hide: Goat medicine is between both kangaroo and deer medicine as it brings balance to the extension of self. Goat is always trying to reach just that little bit further, taking that next step.

Prior to making your Drum it is important for you to set your intent:

  • Why am I making this Drum?
  • What do I want from this Drum?
  • What energy do I want to place into this creation?

Your Drum Making Journey includes:

  • all materials for either a 15” or 18” Drum;
  • choice of deer, kangaroo or goat hide;
  • a Drum beater;
  • smudging and cleansing of all materials;
  • drumming, singing, story telling and teachings of traditional peoples;
  • a blessing on your Drum once it has been completed.



Drum making group                                  Peter’s words/song

‘Drum is my voice,

drum is my friend,

drum is my guide,

drum is my helper,

drum is my summoner,

drum sends me out,

drum beats my song,

drum calls me home,

drum is my voice…’

Blessings Peter Bowden


The Drum Making Journey day starts at 8.30am sharp and is a full 8 – 10 hours of making your Drum. You’re asked to please bring a vegetarian plate of food to share for lunch, as well as something to place on the Altar for the day.

Peter facilitates Drum making experiences at his home in South Golden Beach, Northern NSW on a regular basis.

Peter can bring the Drum making experience to you, if you organise a group of 8-12 people!

Payment plans are available for the Drum Making Journey.

Check our Calendar for upcoming Drum Making Journeys, or contact Peter to register your interest.

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