Shamanic Earth Medicine is the soul expression of Peter Bowden.  Through his life journeying of the last 25 years, Peter has received wisdom teachings from both indigenous and non-indigenous elders from around the globe.

Shamanic Earth Medicine now offers teachings, healings, retreats, ceremonies, circles and gatherings around Australia.

Shamanic Earth Medicine is an Earth-based medicine practice, that shares deeper processes and profound openings with the connection of Spirit and all Ancestors,  Ancient ones, Grandmothers and Grandfathers, all that is seen and unseen.  Your bloodline, your Ancestors and all beings from this time within time, space within space, all that is within the presence of right here, right now, lets acknowledge the sum of this journey, and the journey of all other life times.

Through these processes of ceremonies, retreats, ceremonial tool-making and crafts, you can drop into time within time, to experience the healing of all that is that you wish to let go of, the layers of Self fall away, so that you can become like the hollow bone where all passes through from the universe to Mother Earth and back again.

The way of Heart

The way of Spirit

The way of Connection

Walking the Medicine way of the Sacred Hoop of life.

Shamanic Earth Medicine is empowering, opening, building, grounding, breaking down, shattering, facing the shadow for the light to shine, facing the fear of the Shamans death to be Reborn into every aspect of Self.

DSC00965 cropThere is only the gift of this sacred life, this sacred breath that we open to, within this sacred moment.  The teachings of gratitude and giveaway are some of the most profound wisdoms offered on this planet that Peter has discovered.  He wishes to share this with you through his offering of Shamanic Earth Medicine and the connection to Mother Earth and all beings.

“Ahoh Mitakuye Oyasin”