042Shamanic Mentoring Via Skype or Hands On

As we journey across different dimensions of life, through the past, the present and into the future, life can be a struggle. If you find yourself struggling with illness, anxiety, addiction or depression you may be interested to find that your condition may come from a previous trauma in this life or from a past life. Maybe it is time to call back aspects of yourself with Soul Retrieval and Soul Fragmentation Journeying.

Losing energy, power or balance can happen when people experience traumatic events. Traumas can take many forms, such as, abuse, an accident, a big change in life, over-stressed from work, death of a loved one, events from previous lifetimes, and many other possibilities.

These Sessions are offered as Skype sessions  OR  You can come for hands on one on one.

Individual Sessions with Peter Bowden

Special offer: introductory 1 hour session to the 4 session package $120 – a saving of $80

Then choose between:

4 Session package short time special offer at $595.00 – a saving of $200.00

  • 4 x 1 hour sessions
  • Must be used within 3 months of commencement


Individual Sessions are offered at $200 each

The 1st introductory session has 50% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the session and contact Shamanic Earth Medicine within 48 hours.

This Individual Healing Package is normally priced at $780.00.

Bookings are Essential. For Bookings and Enquiries:

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Medicine People believe that illness will appear in the spirit before it is created in the physical body and that healing on a spiritual level can prevent conditions from appearing in the physical form at all. Most people ask for a healing once an illness has been diagnosed.

64435_402752586492745_1435832989_nWith Shamanic Healing Journeys and experiences you can re-align your being through energy balancing, shamanic journeying and empowerment of self.

Shamanic Journeying and Ceremony are some of the oldest practices on Mother Earth, dating back to the first indigenous cultures from all over the World and practiced in various forms. A Shaman journeys between the physical and etheric realms to gain insight, visions and messages to assist people to empower themselves along their soul’s path.

If you are looking to seek self-empowerment and make changes in your life, then let’s look at your daily practice, your visions, your goals in life, and your values.

Gain the freedom to do whatever it is you wish, to discover and call forward all that you are and all that you can be.


Offerings by Peter

Intuitive Energetic Healings include:

Gentle and subtle energetic healing / Energy balancing / Reiki

Shamanic Reiki / Deeper universal energetic healing / Distance Healing

Shamanic Drum Healings include:

Drum balancing / Drum bath /Sound healing

Shamanic Medicine Drum journeys traversing the shamanic upper, middle and lower worlds.

Shamanic Healings include:

Reclaiming of self / Soul retrieval / Soul fragmentation recovery

Past life regression / Removal of entities, energetic parasites and curses.

Sacred Pipe (Chunupa) Ceremony for Counselling or Healing

Shamanic Counselling includes:

Holding and sharing sacred space for both divine masculine and feminine – for men, women and couples.

Tobacco Ceremony (Rapé):

Pronunced ‘Ha-peh’ A introductory traditional plant ceremony based on meeting the spirit of Tobacco – Protector Plant and Medicine ally.

This is a Sacred personal journey, overseen by an experienced medicine person, where organic tobacco is prepared in a ceremonial way and then used as a healing snuff blown up your nose.
Generally, tobacco or ‘Rapee’ snuff can have the following effects –
Opens up the 3rd eye chakra; de-calcifies the pineal gland; clears any mental confusion; releases any negative thoughts; helps in the removal of entities; connects you to your sacred breath; elevates your connection to your divine or creator; profoundly helps to re-align and open all your energy centres (Chakras); improves your grounding; and helps release any sickness or dis-ease on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. There may also be additional insights, wisdoms or connections that can be related to this ceremony.

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Spiritual Mentoring Sessions Traditional Teachings and Ceremonies





“Spirit had guided me to Peter Bowden about a year ago but fate had it that we didn’t actually have a session. When I found myself needing to find the level of guidance and healing that I knew only a wise shaman could undertake then I thought of Peter again.

I, like most people on the healing journey, am able to help others but find it difficult to help myself. Getting perspective in my journey and healing is what Peter has brought to me and with that a whole new level of freedom and growth to evolve in my own life. Peter has facilitated journeys to some of the most traumatic situations in my Soul’s history and in doing so he has effected some of the most profound healing I have received.

I am so thankful to the Universe for meeting Peter and being privileged to receive his guidance and healing. Peter is a warm, humble and undeniably healing Soul. Just talking to him you feel the energy and wonder what just happened. Peter has taught me Spiritual practice to strengthen my Soul and bring about transformation at the Soul level. I am deeply grateful and honoured to have received such deep and powerful healing.

With gratitude and love”

Michael Liew


“Peter is a modern shaman with great depth of knowledge and a generous heart. He’s part of the renaissance of earth-based healing practices and positive evolutionary thinking. As such, he offers a unique spirit-guided approach to healing and mentoring his clients. I value my time with Peter and appreciate his dedication and craft.”

Gemma Summers